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  UW Oshkosh Nursing Scrubs Information and Disclaimers

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General Ordering Information


*Payment is processed as we receive the orders. Our website sends an automated email after orders are processed. Nursing scrubs are ordered after the deadlines listed below by special order. Please disregard this email as orders are not actually ready right away.

You will receive an email from the Nursing department when you order is ready for pick up.


Ordering Deadlines


$30 Rush Charge added to ALL late orders.

Accelerated Nursing
 October 15, 2014
College of Nursing  November 24, 2014

Shipping Charges:

1 Item - $8

2 Items - $9

3 or more Items - $10

(Please disregard the shipping costs calculated by the website and use these figures as your guideline)


Accelerated Nursing Information

SCRUBS: (To be worn for Boot Camp and all hospital and all long-term care clinicals)

Accel students are required to order 2 sets of scrubs (2 pants/2 tops). Scrubs include required UWO patch and embroidery.                  *Warm-up jacket is optional.

POLO SHIRT: (To be worn for Community Health Clinical)

Accel students are required to order 2 polo shirts.

Orders will be shipped out December 1, 2014


College of Nursing Information

SCRUBS: (To be worn for all long term care & hospital clinicals, as well as lab check offs)

ALL NEWLY ADMITTED NURSING STUDENTS are required to purchase 1 set of scrubs (1 pant/1 top), which includes UWO patch and embroidery.

*Warm-up jacket is optional.

POLO SHIRT: (To be worn with khaki slacks for various activities throughout the program)

ALL NEWLY ADMITTED NURSING STUDENTS must purchase a polo shirt.

Orders will be ready January 20, 2015

Questions? Call our General Merchandise Office at 920.424.2381


All orders are checked against the official registration list. Orders placed by anyone not on the list will not be be processed. If you are ordering for someone else, or someone else will be picking up for you, please put his or her name and details in the comments box at checkout.

You may stop in the bookstore during regular store hours to see our sample sizes, if you are unsure what sizes to order.


I acknowledge that I have been accepted as a clinical student in the professional portion of the nursing major at UW Oshkosh College of Nursing.